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!!! Surprise Boys Bundles - 6-9month to 12 years !!!



The deal - 

A 3kg bundle of clothes, mixed items for £27!

Thats a saving between 20-30% from preloved RRP! 

You just don't get to see what you are getting, they are no different to any other standard bundle like in the example images, there are no hidden catches, just a great price!

I can't say how many items will be in per bundle but 3kg is (depending on age) a medium to large bundle suitable for a new wardrobe refresh for this season. It will fill a bag for life as a guide.

It will comprise of mixed items, t-shirts, shirts, dungarees, jeans, knitwear, sleepsuits, bodysuits sometimes outerwear to give a good all round wardrobe refresh from brands like primark, supermarket brands, matalan, m&co, h&m Mini Club and other lower end high street brands. 

Condition of clothing can vary from new with tags to good used condition. 


Just received my mystery bundle for my daughter (18-24) and baby(3-6). Both bundles contain enough clothing for an entire wardrobe. Every item is in good condition and there is enough of everything, plenty of colour varieties too, only need to get vests, socks and pjs. I am delighted.