Free Post when you spend £50 & over


How much is shipping? click here

Where do you ship? Worldwide! Just contact us for a postage quote.

What is your returns policy? Find full details here 

How does selling work?

We offer the hassle free alternative to auction selling sites where you get paid straight away and choose from these easy options & we are always looking to buy!

I have different options do I have to box them separately? No, they can be in the same box just separate them within the box please.

How do I get paid? Once the everything arrives they are checked & weighed & money deposited into your bank account or PayPal. Or get an additional 20% if you opt for store credit.

How does the commission option work? Items are checked, have to be in excellent condition and in season. They are then labelled with a unique code to yourself. You will receive an email with your listed items and prices. Typically clothing is 60% less than the original RRP, less so for designer items.

Items will be listed for up to a 6 month period and money deposited into your account as & when items sell. Any unsold items can be returned at your cost or weighed in at £5 p/kg or donated to charity.

I don't have boxes or postage bags? You can get large boxes from car dealerships and supermarkets who will gladly give you them. Alternatively you can purchase large postage bags from us for £3.50 and have them sent to you free of charge.

What brands do you accept? Everything except fakes & cheap brands you don't find on the high street e.g. Zip Zap, Baby, Lullaby, Rock a bye Baby and anything personalised in anyway. 

Do you return any clothes you can't take? No sorry, please make sure to follow the guidelines and feel free to ask about anything you are unsure of. The only time we return clothes is when commission items don't sell.