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Dandelions - The benefits you need to know about!

Dandelion Recipe/Health Benefits - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes

🌼 antioxidant

🌼 lowers cholesterol
🌼 regulates blood sugar levels
🌼 anti inflammatory
🌼 reduces blood pressure
🌼 boosts the immune system
🌼 aids digestion

This week was the first time I have eaten dandelion & it won’t be the last!

You can also make a tea, biscuits, muffins & a vegan honey from the dandelion petals, if you don't want to do it yourself but like the idea there's quite a few teas on the market.

You can watch me make a potato salad here

Dandelion has a bitterness to it similar to chard or sorrel. I used a washed handful chopped into a warm potato salad with garlic and olive oil, which apparently is a popular dish in Germany. Both myself and the children absolutely loved it & I’ve since added it to a broccoli soup this week.
I hope it inspires you to try it too 💛