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Fun Things to do with Kids. Easter Edition.

Fun Things to do with Kids. Easter Edition. - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes
🌈🐰 Easter Edition 🐰🌈

Hands up who’s finding it harder and harder to entertain their children 🙌🏻🙌🏻😫
I started off with so much enthusiasm and it’s feeling harder and harder to keep momentum going. I really feel for all of you with you’ve children too, my heart and virtual wine bottle goes out to you! 🍷

🌈🐥 First off, did you see my Easter tree? 🐥 The children sat down with the craft box and made their own decorations while I stuck pom poms to string which made a super cute garland 💙 🧡 ❤️ 🤍 💛 💚 which is in our window for everyone to enjoy. (I got the twigs on a walk) @twinklresources have great templates to cut out and colour in including Easter baskets, or grab a potato 🥔 and do some printing onto egg shapes 🟡🔷♥️

🌈🍪 Easter biscuits 🍪- There are loads of recipes for super easy biscuits but if you are not a baker grab a packet of rich tea or something plain, add a small amount (tiny) of water to icing sugar and some assorted food colouring if you wish, top your biscuits with icing and add bowls of sprinkles, smarties, chocolate chips, raisins etc to decorate! It’s the simplest of ideas suitable for all ages. ⁣

🌈🐥🐰 Easter card making is not only covering the curriculum learning about the religious side to Easter but it’s also a lovely thing to brighten someone’s day. Why not give a neighbour an Easter Card? It will brighten their day 💛💛💛 again #twinkl have great resources again for inspiration.⁣

 Has anyone got any recommendations? Show us what you’ve been up to and let’s inspire each other 👌🏻😊


Fun Things For KIds Pt2 - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes

Fun Things For Kids Pt2