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Packing Tips

Packing Tips - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes

📦📮I often get asked for tips on packing up your clothes ready to send so here goes -

1️⃣ Please ensure you freshly wash clothes. Did you know that stains can appear over time? So those clothes you packed away a couple of years ago could now of formed yellowing, especially with baby clothes and no one want to buy musty clothing!

2️⃣ If you are ironing pop tin foil under your ironing board cover, this will reflect the heat back and essentially iron both sides at once, cutting down ironing time!

3️⃣ Once Ironed fold your item and give it another quick press while folded, ‘stabilising’ the item.

4️⃣ Packing - it’s best to use a box to keep clothes as neat as possible although some ironing/packing masters can achieve miracles! Remember if theres room in the top of the box either fill in the void or cut down each corner with scissors to lower the fold point.

5️⃣ Start with your t-shirts and flat items at the bottom then larger ‘lumpier’ items like jeans followed by coats. This will stop lumpy items creasing flatter items.

Yes it is possible to get items to me looking as perfect as when you ironed them 🤩

It's also perfectly reasonable to ask the children's Nanna to do it for you 😂🤣😂


So there you have it, 5 simple steps to packing heaven 🤣😍