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Fun Things To Do With Your Children

Fun Things To Do With Your Children - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes
🌈 Each Thursday I’m going to try and give you a little inspiration on educating and entertaining the children of all ages throughout these tough times 🌈 It would be fabulous if you would all contribute by either commenting or messaging with things that have been a hit with you 👌🏻 let’s make this a little community of parents helping each other out 💛 ⁣

So my first tip is get online The Tate have online galleries where you can discover art. Matisse is a great artist to learn about, He created the picture in this post, Using flat cut out shapes he created works of art. Your child can then recreate their own art work with simple scissors and paper 🎨 
For older children they will love pop art, think Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup paintings! Let them discover what they love and get creative. 🎨

Get out on the garden 🌳 or go on a walk and collect moss, leaves 🌿, pebbles and twigs and shells 🐚 and create your own mini garden in a tray or pot, whatever you have to hand. This will stimulate their creative juices again, get them outside and exercising and the great thing is there is no wrong way! you can get great inspiration on Pinterest just search kids tray garden 🌱 Younger children can then get out 🦕 or fairies 🧚‍♂️ to play in the garden.⁣

Lastly, make an Easter tree 🐰 from branches cut from the garden, then make your own decorations , learn to blow an egg or simply cut out bunny and egg shapes from card and decorate. Twinkl have free resources ⁣

Most importantly have fun and share your ideas here 💛 Lucy


Fun Things For KIds Pt2 - Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes

Fun Things For Kids Pt2