Let's pretend Play

May 21 , 2020

Lucy Hargreaves

Let's pretend Play

The best kind of fun is free fun, creating new experiences within the home can feel challenging sometimes, so here is some inspiration that won't cost you a penny and will keep minds active and interested. 

Let's Pretend ...

We are at the post office. Wrap old cereal boxes up, let them stick stickers on for stamps and pretend to write an address. Turn an old box into a letter box & 'send' parcels to nana & friends! Get Inspired here 

Let's go exploring!

Freeze toys and objects in ice, these can be small ice cubes or a large bowl full, now go on a rescue mission or explore hidden jewels frozen in time! Click image for more ideas. Use spoons, toy screwdrivers or kitchen utensils as tools.

Lastly a timeless classic... den building!

Make the sofa into a fort, throw a sheet over the backs of chairs or over the washing line, let them have fun taking toys in and letting their imaginations run wild! Click image for more ideas.

Try tying a blanket around your dining table to create a hammock den! Grab inspo here and if you want to keep it on the low, why not make a den in the garden out of sticks for toys? 

Most of all have lots of fun 

Lucy xoxox