Selling T&C's

  • I only take clothes ages 0-12 years
  • All clothes must be in excellent condition, no bobbling, stains or damage, no animal hair & freshly washed. Items will not be returned or held for collection. 
  • I do not take footwear 
  • I do not accept any clothing from a smoking household.
  • M&S bought over 2 years ago all fall into option1.
  • Items that have been stored for periods of 5-8 years fall into option 1 no matter what the brand but must be in excellent condition and not out dated in design.
  • I don't take anything that's been stored for over 8 years except for items to be considered for our vintage collection.
  • Tights must be new with tags, used tights are not accepted.
  • No old fashioned clothes, handmade clothes, no replicas or cheap low quality unknown brands, belts, bibs, underwear, socks, booties, scarves, traditional Asian clothing, personalised items, school uniform or fancy dress.
  • Postage costs will be deducted from monies paid if the rules are not adhered to.
  • Once clothes are received they are checked and weighed, money will be deposited by Paypal or BACS within 2 days.
  • If you do not hear from me after 7 days of shipping please get in touch

Please be aware, anything that does not meet these terms will not be paid for or returned. If you are in doubt of anything please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Examples of next labels shown newest to oldest.


 accepted (past 2 years next labelling)

  accepted (3-5 years ago)

 paid at £1.50 p/kg (5-8 years ago)

 No longer accepted 

 blue label Boden only accepted for vintage consideration.