Free Postage When You Spend £50

What to do next

Firstly all pre loved clothes must be freshly washed. If you are wanting to be paid at the higher rates per kilo, priced per item or Commission, clothes do need to be ironed.

Separate the clothes out into each price option you are using. No need to sort into ages. The clothes need to be clearly separate within your parcel so when they arrive here it's clear what is being paid for, this can be by using carrier bags or something as simple as a layer of paper. However If you don't want to separate thats fine, your items will all be paid as one bundle weight.

You can find really helpful packing tips here 

You will also need to fill out a form which you can download here

Check brands here 

You can request a large postal sack which holds approx 3 bin bags full of clothes costing £2.50 or you can source a box from any shops, car dealerships do strong large boxes. Or a shout out on your local FB group.

Once you have packed up your parcel we will need to know the approximate weight. If you don't have scales the post office will weigh parcels for you. Email through the weight of each parcel and we will organise postage labels for you along with further instructions. You can use the contact us page here 

We pay 100% postage costs on parcels weighing over 6kg each, with a maximum weight of 15kg per parcel. We organise prepaid labels.

4-6kg and we will split the postage 50/50. We will organise the post.

If your parcel is 4kg or under then postage is at your cost, please be aware that it could cost more in postage then you would get for the clothes so bear this in mind.

Don't worry if you don't have a printer, we can send you a QR code that can be printed in store. You can then drop your parcel off at your local Evri parcel shop, find yours here  , once we have your parcel/s they will be weighed, checked and money or in-store credit paid.

If you need further help you can always email us at

Many thanks