Free Postage When You Spend £50

Sell On Commission

This option is for Luxury, Designer & other select brands only.

up to age 15 accepted 

Brands that fall into this category are highlighted in blue in our brand checker 

Items must be in excellent condition, washed, ironed & folded ready to sell. They must also be in season for the time of year. Any brands no longer trading cannot be accepted. We only take ages from 12-18m.

Autumn/winter accepted from August to mid November.

Spring/Summer accepted from January to the end of April. 

Please get items to us at the beginning of each season to ensure best chances of sales before the seasonal clearance sales start.

At all other times of year items will be exempt from commission.

If you want to clear out, out of season items, or you would just rather get rid all in one go, the Buy It Now option could be good for you. If you don't want to iron then weigh them in at £10 per kilo.

Items are sold sale or return up to a 6 month period on 50% Commission. You get paid once an item is sold. At the end of the sale period items can be returned to owners cost, donated or bought by us at a reduced rate.

Minimum of 8 items for a commission account & items must hold a minimum value of £8 secondhand to qualify.

Please read the T&C's 

What to do next?

Drop off and local collections (around BB2 Lancashire) available upon request. 

You can include different options within the same parcel, each price point must be clearly identifiable and separate from the others.